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CGRNTQ - Goldrush Antique 6oz Popper


Small but mighty. Whether you are popping corn at home, a convenience store,
a school or a cafeteria, C. Cretors and Company makes it easy and effortless
with their small 6 oz poppers. They’re perfect for work, school, or a store. Cretors
popping equipment combines clean design and exceptional technology with
unsurpassed durability. Helping you to pop delicious popcorn each and every time.

Goldrush Antique 6oz Popper


  • 6 oz nickel plated all-steel kettle
  • Hand-painted scrollwork



    • Interior heat lamp
    • Illuminated eye-level rocker switches
    • Cycling pilot light indicator
    • Clean-in-place, swing down, nickel-plated all-steel kettle, or stainless-steel kettle
    • Direct drive motor
    • Removable one-piece kettle lid with magnetic catch and agitator for ease of use and cleaning
    • Welded stainless-steel cabinet
    • Tempered safety glass front and sides
    • Lift-off Vyvak doors for easy cleaning
    • Thermostatically controlled heated corn deck for fresh, crisp popcorn
    • Lift-off, one-piece drop shelf for easy access to cabinet
    • Stainless-steel popper case, deck and clean out drawer
    • Included accessory kit contains measuring tools for salt, corn, oil and popcorn scoop

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