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GM5300 - El Nacho Grande Bag Cheese Dispenser

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This dispenser is a great one stop machine for your nacho cheese or chili dispensing needs! The El Nacho Grande Cheese Dispenser #5300 has virtually no clean up, a pre-heating area for a back up cheese or chili bag, quick reloading of bags and airtight control. Also, the cheese dispenser features a 3 button dispensing control with adjustable settings and peristaltic pump for little food waste. This cheese dispenser is a great addition to your concession or stadium!


  • Virtually no clean up (no cheese touches any machine parts)
  • Pre-heating area for a second bag of cheese or chili
  • Peristaltic pump to get the most out of every bag of cheese or chili - little food waste
  • 3-button dispensing control with adjustable setting
  • Quick reloading and airtight control


Style E.N.G. Bag Cheese Disp.
Dimensions 10.05''w x 16.42''d x 27.34''h
Dimensions (cm) 25.4w x 41.91d x 69.5325h
Shipping Weight 29 lbs
Watts 225
Volts 120

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