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GM8078E - Deluxe Funnel Cake Fryer FC-4

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Do you want the recipe for success? The Deluxe Funnel Cake Fryer FC-4 Gold Medal #8078E will produce perfectly fried funnel cakes for you and your customers. The machine offers an oil pre-heat function, digital heat control and quick oil recovery time. The funnel cake fryer can cook three 8” or five 6” funnel cakes at a time to make it perfect for high volume locations. Gold Medal fryers are designed to keep the cakes coming whether at a concession stand, stadium or festival.


  • Oil pre-heat function
  • Cooks three 8" or five 6" funnel cakes at a time
  • Emergency stop/power off button & safety drain plug
  • Ribbon heat element with digital heat control
  • Quick oil recovery time
  • Perfect for high volume locations


Style Deluxe FC-4
Dimensions 23.25''w x 26.575''d x 14.813''h
Dimensions (cm) 59.055w x 67.5005d x 37.62502h
Shipping Weight 59 lbs
Watts 5760
Plug 6-30P
Volts 208/240

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