CORGR - Originateair Popper and Puffer - Poppa Corn Corp
CORGR - Originateair Popper and Puffer - Poppa Corn Corp

CORGR - Originateair Popper and Puffer

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In 1968, Cretors introduced the first patented hot air popper used in commercial
food processing plants. Today, our industrial snack food technology is brought to
caramel corn shops and other concession locations around the world. Popcorn
kernels and other puffed products are uniformly popped or puffed in a steady
current of hot air. No oil is used! Use a variety of sugar or savory coatings to create your own signature product.

The OriginateAir® Popper and Puffer
Originally designed for snack food plants, the OriginateAir Continuous Hot Air Popper and
Puffer is popular among retail stores and large concession areas.
• Production capacity up to 40 lb of raw corn or other healthy snacks per hour
• Automatic continuous dry popper/puffer with Cretors patented hot air suspension system
reduces cost through labor reduction
• Product is popped/puffed in a steady current of hot air and uniformly heated to popping
temperature, reducing costs by eliminating popping oil
• Digital temperature control allows the operator to set an exact temperature for the best
popping and puffing efficiency
• Built-in vibratory feeder continuously feeds raw corn into the popper
• Built-in screw auger continuously feeds seasonings and coatings to popped product
• Built-in sifter removes unwanted scrap
• Built-in coater and seasoning dispenser provides even seasoning application
• Capable of use with multiple seasonings
• Coater is removed without tools for easy cleaning