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POPPI12DC-F-X - Poppi 12oz Hot Air Popper

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In 1968, Cretors introduced the first patented hot air popper used in commercial
food processing plants. Poppi is a compact industrial counter model. Since no oil
is used in the process, food costs are reduced and finished product shelf life is
increased. It’s a healthier alternative with less mess and minimal cleanup. Poppi
is at the forefront of popping innovation and a MUST for Gourmet Popcorn Shops.
Use a variety of sugar or savory coatings to create your own signature product.

The next generation of popping innovation is Poppi, a compact industrial counter model that air pops popcorn.
• Stainless-steel construction
• Digital temperature control allows the operator to set an exact
temperature for the best popping efficiency
• Uses hot air technology to pop popcorn
• 12 oz batch size capacity
• Approximatley 3 mintue pop cycle
• Install on a knock down table along with a Cretors Caramelizer
to create a custom popping plant
• Use with receiving tray that sits on your counter
• Three options: counter, shelf and free-standing models