The Breeze EZ Kleen

The Breeze EZ Kleen

  • $1,476.75

It’s a breeze to make cotton candy with this essential machine. Featuring a stainless steel cabinet and permanent floss head. The breeze also includes a 26" aluminum pan and Whirlgrip stabilizers. Now also included, the new style Lock-N-Go handles, redesigned bell housing sugar seal, bowl positioning brackets, flip down front door for easy serviceability, IEC power connector for easy cord replacement.


Standard: 26 x 26 x 17.15 (in)
Metric: 66.04 x 66.04 x 43.561 (cm)

Additional Features:

  • Molded rubber floaters
  • Snap-in-place retainer holds everything together
  • No tools required for assembly/disassembly
  • LOCK-N-GO® HANDLE - eliminates thumb screws

Dimensions: 17.15"H x 26"W x 26"D

Electrical Specifications:      

  • 120V,8.3Amps,996 Watts,15 Amp Plug