7 Creative Popcorn Gift Baskets for Your Store


Between holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations, your customers are likely often looking for a great gift. Save them a stop when you offer the versatile, flavorful option of a popcorn gift basket. Gourmet popcorn is a best seller because it can easily fit with nearly any special occasion. That means there’s a wide variety of opportunities in which you can market popcorn buckets and baskets.

Gourmet popcorn gift baskets can work well for many businesses, including but not limited to: popcorn shops, candy stores, grocery stores, gift shops, and even florists. The possibilities are endless and so is the profit potential.

To make popcorn baskets for your store, start with the basics that you need to make popcorn, then add your own twist to cater it to your local patrons.

1. Movie Night – Movie-based gift baskets are the perfect way to showcase a variety of popcorn flavors including buttered, caramel, and cheese corn. The traditional red-and-white striped popcorn buckets make a decorative addition.

2. Off-to-College – Help students be prepared for long nights of studying and snacking. As an added fun touch, color the popcorn in the school’s colors. Include other dorm life essentials like Post-it notes and caffeinated beverages.

3. Beach Bound – For sun and fun, plan a tropic-inspired beach basket. Combine sunglasses, beach towels, flip-flops, and decorative drink cups (don’t forget a few tiny umbrellas!). Add a taste of banana or piña colada to the popcorn for a unique twist with a simple additive of Corn Treats Candy Glaze Flavors.

4. Holiday Selections – Popcorn is festive and can be paired with any holiday celebration. For a Halloween treat, try orange and black cherry; and fall in love with red cinnamon for Valentine’s Day.

5. Bake Sale – Tempt the taste buds with some sweet flavor recipes such as lemon pound cake, birthday cake, and churro.

6. Cheese Lovers – Create a cheese lover’s dream with a tantalizing combination of cheddar, white cheddar, buffalo blue cheese, and nacho flavors. This would be a great addition for a tailgate-themed sports party as well!

7. Spice It Up – For those who are up to the challenge of the hottest, spiciest flavors. This selection includes Guadalajara hot sauce, jalapeño, and ghost pepper. If timed right, you could also make this a Father’s Day special.

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