Birthday Popcorn Cake Recipe

Birthday Cake Popcorn Cake

With bright and colorful Birthday Cake Popcorn Cake, any day can be a celebration!





  • Add GM2096 Basic Corn Treat Mix, water, coconut oil, and sugar to the cooker mixer
  • Turn on heat/motor switch
  • Once mixture is halfway through cook cycle, add marshmallows (and sweetened condensed milk if using)
  • Cook to set point (approximately 275 degrees F)
  • Turn off heat and turn on motor
  • Add 5 gallons of popped corn and mix well
  • Dump/scoop corn into pre-greased cake form and press gently to adhere popcorn together
  • Repeat as needed keeping mixer on to keep remaining corn workable
  • Allow cake to cool completely and drizzle with icing and decorate with sprinkles