Concession Stand Countdown Calendar

What makes concession stands possible at schools, churches, youth sports and nonprofits? It’s the volunteers!

Volunteer concession stand managers work hard to accomplish a lot within a limited time frame and on a tight budget. Wondering how to get started? To help organize the responsibilities and prioritize their time, we’ve developed this Concession Stand Countdown Calendar. Each phase breaks down the schedule and duties into a manageable step-by-step process.

3–6 Months Prior
  • Begin by investigating your equipment needs. Evaluate if there is equipment that needs service or if a new machine is necessary.
  • Plan your menu and pricing. Think of a new item(s) you can potentially add.
  • Consult with your concession specialist. Your supplier can advise you according to your specific needs.
2–3 Months Prior
  • Place your equipment order.
  • Recruit your volunteer staff. The more specific you can be in defining the responsibilities, the better.
  • Ask for business sponsorships. This can be either for monetary donations or supplies you will need. Give them credit in signage or via announcements at your event.
1–2 Months Prior
  • Mention your concession stand as you promote the event. Ways you can market include:  social media, emails, flyers, etc.
  • Plan what signage and/or menu boards you will need for the day of the event.
  • Place your supply order. This will include food items, napkins, utensils, condiments, etc.
2–4 Weeks Prior
  • Do a demonstration of the equipment and taste-test the products.
  • Learn the process of properly cleaning the equipment.
  • Conduct a training session with your volunteers.
1 Week Prior
  • Do a complete cleaning of the concession stand. Wipe down tables/serving areas, sweep and do any necessary improvements.
  • Confirm your volunteer shifts.
  • Double check your inventory of items.
Day Of
  • Set up at least one hour prior to the start.
  • Have a leader available at the site in case of questions or any issues.
  • Have fun! Find creative ways to keep the enthusiasm levels up and everyone will enjoy themselves.
  • Make sure everything has been properly shut down.
  • Thoroughly clean the machines.
  • Take notes, track your sales and determine what worked and what didn’t.


Get help every step of the way! Whether you’re just beginning or seeking the next level of improvement, we can partner with you to achieve your concession stand goals. To get started, call us or send a quick email introducing yourself.