Concession Stand Promotion Ideas for Winter Activities

This time of year, many seek recreation and entertainment at activities such as basketball games, hockey matches, ski resorts, ice-skating, and more. During these events, the idea of a warm hot chocolate, freshly made popcorn, or other comfort-food favorites can entice attendees to visit your concession stand and purchase your products. By utilizing special deals and creative promotions, you can engage and attract even more consumers, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities these popular winter events have to offer.

Explore the following ideas to help promote your concessions at winter-specific activities in order to increase engagement and sell more concession stand winter favorites!

5 Ideas for Special Promotions at Winter Events

1. Ask the event announcer to advertise a concession stand special deal for that day. We recommend this conversation take place before the start of the event, so the announcer can reiterate the deal multiple times throughout the course of the event. Consistent promotions will encourage attendees to make their way to the concession stand before the event starts and during quarterly breaks, halftime, and timeouts. Don’t have a special or discount to offer? Ask the event announcer to simply give periodic reminders of the food and drink offerings. The announcer should also include where the concession stand is located and what time it will close.

2. To counteract the cold weather outside, advertise a special involving food or drinks that are typically served hot. For example, offer buy one get one free, buy one get one 50% off, or 25% off items that have ‘hot’ in the name—hot chocolate, hot dogs, nachos and hot cheese, etc.

3. Everyone loves a raffle, right? During the event, give customers a raffle ticket for each item they purchase. The winner, once announced, receives a free food item or drink. Make sure this is promoted to each customer as they are handed the raffle ticket, so there is encouragement to come back for another purchase in order to increase their chances of winning.

4. Utilize social media to promote your menu. We recommend gaining access to the event’s Facebook page or determining how to share content on it, allowing you to post photos or graphics describing the concession stand specials. This can allow attendees to view your products right from their seats. Discounts and/or your full menu can also be announced throughout the event.

5. Capitalize on holidays and special times of year by sprucing up the concession stand’s look. Incorporate fun decorations and promote engaging themes such as Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick’s Day, or a more general “winter wonderland.”

Taking advantage of the tools available at events, such as the announcer, can make a large impact on reaching your potential customers. Announcing creative specials and providing frequent reminders of the concession offerings, as well as the closing time, will catch people’s attention and prompt them to get out of their seats and enjoy a delicious treat during a fun winter event.

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