Frightfully Fun Halloween Menu Ideas for Fall Attractions

When your guests are so hungry they seem like zombies, it’s time for menu selections that will satisfy their appetite. We’ve scared up some Halloween favorites that apply whether you have a farm, haunted house, fall attraction, or a fundraising event and you’re looking for ideas to maximize fall sales. Promote these specials in your advertising to give your location added appeal this fall season.

Freaky Fudge: Take your favorite flavor and mix in gummy worms or gummy insects. Use food coloring to turn your vanilla flavor orange, then layer it on top of chocolate and top with a piece of candy corn.

Creepy Cotton Candy: Kids will love cotton candy made to look like a spider’s web. Add in a black plastic spider ring for that added scary touch!

Petrifying Popcorn: There’s so much you can do with popcorn. Color it orange and shape into pumpkin-shaped balls. Or take clear gloves, place a single candy corn in each of the finger tips and fill with popcorn to make Halloween Hands.

Dracula’s Candy Apples: Dip the apple into white chocolate. After it has cooled, gently top it with red candy apple mix and let the liquid candy stream down to make it appear like dripping blood.

Mummy Dogs: One of the simplest recipes! Wrap hot dogs in a strip of dough and leave ½ inch uncovered (this space will be used for the mummy’s face). Bake until golden, then use mustard to make eyes that will appear to be glowing.

Zombie Nachos: Break out the green food coloring and the nacho cheese dispenser – when you add the color to the cheese, it will look like green slime.

Frightful Funnel Cake: Decorate your funnel cakes with icing applied in the shape of a spider web. Bonus idea: use Red Velvet Funnel Cake Mix to make them an oozing blood red.

What’s really scary is the revenue you’ll miss out on if you don’t incorporate concession foods into your fall/Halloween menu! 

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