Get Promotional Popcorn Ideas to Boost Sales on National Popcorn Day

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Get ready for a boost in sales on Friday, January 19, also known as National Popcorn Day. Discover some creative ways to promote the day – start now to reap the most benefits with these popcorn ideas!  

First, Draw In Your Customers

People love coupons. Place an ad in your local newspapers (remember to check out both print and online options) with a special coupon offer. Come up with some hot new popcorn bar ideas with scrumptious toppings to get customers interested, or offer a discounted price, buy one/get one deals, etc.

Reach out to your local media in advance to see if they have any interest in covering National Popcorn Day and offer your store as a story location. Invite them to interview you about popcorn (why it’s so popular, why you love to sell it, or interesting and new flavors). Send samples to your press outlets to get their attention.

Get your staff involved as much as possible. They’ll appreciate knowing about the special offers in advance, and may have new ideas to contribute. You’ll also want them to be informed about what the offers include so they can answer questions from your customers.

Once Customers Are In Your Store …

Delight them with visuals and activities! String together pieces of plain popcorn to create a textural display; make sure you hang it in the window or give it an otherwise prime viewing place for customers to see.

Offer in-store promotions, such as free samples that include a coupon good for (or through) January 19. Hang up signage at the front door and make sure your staff lets customers know during any interactions.

Have a “guess how many kernels are in the jar” contest; the prize is a free container of gourmet popcorn.

Whatever angle you go with, make sure you tell your online followers in advance by posting about it on your website and/or social media. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Update your Facebook cover photo or profile picture with an image that shows your popcorn display and use the description to talk about the National Popcorn Day special offer and feature your new popcorn bar ideas. 
  • Hold a “Countdown to National Popcorn Day” by posting daily with photos, fun facts (see next point), or flavor shout-outs.
  • Share fun facts about popcorn, such as the fact that it has been around for about 2,500 years!*
  • On January 19, do a Facebook Live video (click here to see how) – this is a fun, easy way to engage your fan base and get the word out!
  • Ask your fans questions to engage them, such as this > It’s raining and you’re home for the night, watching your favorite movie. What flavor of popcorn adds the perfect touch?

Here’s to a successful National Popcorn Day for you and your store! Trust Poppa Corn as your source for all the best in gourmet popcorn equipment and supplies. We know the industry and our concession specialists are here to assist you.

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*Source: PBS