How to make Glaze Pop?

Make Colors and Flavors POP with Glaze Pop®!


Add a surge of excitement to your popcorn! Colors come alive and flavors are bolstered thanks to the unique combination of Glaze Pop® and Corn Treat Mix.


How is it done?

For Corn Treat Mixers - simply directly replace the white sugar in the recipe with Glaze Pop® and follow the standard corn treat cooking instructions.
For a smaller, 8-oz. Kettle, here is how.
• Turn on light and kettle heat
• Allow kettle to heat up for 5 minutes
• Take you Nask Pak® & Glaze Popcorn/Oil Kit and dump into the kettle
Note: If you are using a Popcorn/Salt/Oil kit - cut a small corner of the kit to
release all the salt. You only want to put in the corn and oil.
• Pour in 4-oz. of Glaze Pop® (1/2 cup).
• Close the kettle lid and leave popper doors open
• When rapid popping stops, dump the popcorn out of the kettle
• Repeat if desired


Tip 1: When making more than one flavor, start with the lightest color first.

Tip 2: For other size batches, the amount of Glaze Pop® you put in is half the size of the kettle.
For example: 8-oz Popper = 4-oz. of Glaze Pop®

Here are some of our must-try recipes:

For breast cancer awareness month, use Cherry Pink Glaze Pop® in combination with the Basic Corn Treat Mix to create a vibrant pink color.

Mouths will water for Maple Syrup Popcorn made with Maple Glaze Pop® and Basic Corn Treat Mix. Try adding in walnuts for an unforgettable recipe.