How to Show Customer Appreciation with Gourmet Popcorn

4 Ways Gourmet Popcorn Can Show Customers You Care

Your customers are what keeps your business running, so of course it’s important to show them your appreciation. There are countless ways to do so, and in this article we’ll focus on one versatile, fun, and affordable option: popcorn! Whether you’re looking to add a quick smile to a walk-in customer’s face or craft a special event for your top clients, popcorn can do it all.

1. Offer Complimentary Popcorn in Your Lobby or Showroom

The simplest way to recognize all customers who enter your business is by providing fresh popcorn free of charge. A popcorn cart in your public space is an eye-catcher, and the aroma will draw customers’ attention. A small popper will control waste and is easy for your staff to operate. Customers will love the light and tasty snack – just don’t forget to pair it with a beverage. Bottled water and soft drinks are good options, and keeping coffee and a selection of teas on hand is a good idea as well.

2. Send Gourmet Popcorn as a Gift

For clients who have made significant purchases or investments with your company, consider sending a gift to their home or office. Personalize the packaging or include a handwritten card to say thank you after the deal has closed. People don’t necessarily expect to hear from you as much after you’ve gotten their business, and a nice gift can go a long way toward continuing the relationship. Caramel corn or other specialty flavors like barbecue or hot jalapeño make excellent popcorn gifts.

3. Incorporate a Popcorn Bar into Customer Appreciation Day

A customer appreciation day doesn’t have to be a formal affair. Publicize the date in advance, make it open to the public, and plan to include special sales or discounts for those who stop in. To keep people inside longer and give your representatives a chance to speak with them about their needs, you can set up a few fun stations to visit. A gourmet popcorn bar with sweet, savory, and unexpected flavors is sure to be a hit. Adapt to the appropriate season, or use colors associated with your business. Other stations could include face painting or balloon animals for kids, as well as a raffle ticket booth for a local product or service. 

4. Host a Private Tasting Session for Outstanding Clients

Planning an upscale event for your best customers is a great way not only to show appreciation but also to solidify the partnership. Your efforts to go above and beyond will be noticed and can pay off with increased customer retention rates.

No matter which customer appreciation routes you take, be sure your employees are also showing their appreciation in smaller ways every day. Smiles, empathy, and thanks should go along with every interaction so your customers always feel welcomed and valued at your business.