Where Shoppers Turn for Impulse Snacking

You know the feeling… It’s 2:00 in the afternoon. Lunch is over, but there’s still a good part of the day to go until dinner time. Your stomach is growling. It’s officially snack time!

Afternoon snacking is the most common and consumers are increasingly relying on convenience stores to meet their needs. An industry study* has shown that 70% of consumers cite their mood as the primary motivation for buying a salty snack. With this type of information, you can be ready to provide your customers with the options they’re craving when they walk through your door.

68% of c-store food and beverage purchases are unplanned and purchased on impulse. Knowing this, store owners can invest in a product such as a popcorn machine, which will produce an aroma that will grab the attention of shoppers. And because emotions drive different types of cravings, stores can offer a variety of popcorn flavors to accommodate a range of needs.

Not only are c-store owners providing customers with satisfying snacks that keep them coming back, but they are also benefiting from attractive profit margins.

In addition to popcorn (both fresh and ready-to-eat), convenience stores can see attractive profits when selling other popular snacking items such as pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and slush drinks.

The key is to understand what consumers want and to meet those needs. If 70% are looking for a salty snack, then it’s up to convenience stores to provide an array of options. Poppa Corn is here to help you get started. Simply call or email us today to learn about which popcorn machine is right for you.

*As reported by Convenience Store News