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HD24AC-X - HD24 Hot Dog Grill

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Discover how easy it can be to cook and serve hot dogs from our state-of-the-art patented grills as well as our rotisserie-style cookers. Features such as Warm/Hold operation, a lift-off grill rack and digital temperature controls simplify your cooking and serving experience and ensure top quality.

HD24 Hot Dog Grill
• Cooks up to 24 hot dogs at once (5 hot dogs per pound)
• 10-12 minutes to cook thawed product, 30 minutes
to cook frozen product
• Digital temperature controller with visual display ensure
accurate temperature settings and readings
• Warm/Hold feature avoids overcooking the product
• Moving grill provides complete product rotation on heat plate
• More reliable with fewer parts needed for operation
than other moving rack or roller-style grills
• Superior heating eliminates cold spots in food product
• Easy to maintain and clean
• Stainless-steel cooking surface with aluminum heating
plate underneath
• Grease trap permits the cooking of sausages
• Removable rack is dishwasher safe
• Matching bun warmer available