Purchasing Assistant Job

Purchasing Assistant


Responsible for the ordering of materials, supplies, and/or equipment, and the follow through with vendors on shipment and delivery.

Typical Duties

  1. Advises staff and/or faculty as to appropriate choices of standard items to be purchased for offices and laboratories.

  2. Selects vendors, places orders, and may arrange for service contract.

  3. Follows up on orders to ensure that materials are shipped and delivered on promised dates.

  4. Maintains records and follow up files of purchases, shipments, and related matters.

  5. Maintains files of descriptions of available supplies.

  6. May inspect products received for quality and quantity to ensure adherence to specifications.

  7. Performs related job duties as required.

Typical Requirements

Education: Data processing school training beyond high school or equivalent experience.

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Skills and Experience: Two to three years of experience as a computer operator.