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Hawaii’s Finest® Shave Ice Wagon - GM2936HFU DEMO

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This is a demo unit. 90 days in house warranty. 

All eyes will be on you with this wagon! Load the Hawaii’s Finest® Shave Ice Wagon #2936HF with your favorite flavors and right-sized shaver. Featuring vivid graphics, white powder-coated stainless steel base and stainless counter, this wagon is not only attention-grabbing but durable. Make sure to add this mobile setup to arenas, tourist attractions and more! Wheels roll but are not steerable. All items sold separately.

Dimensions 53.25''w x 25.625''d x 31.25''h
Dimensions (cm) 135.255w x 65.0875d x 79.375h
Shipping Weight 93 lbs

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