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GM2019 - BB Flavacol® (Better Butter) - 35 oz Carton

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GM2019 – BB Flavacol® gives a unique, buttery popcorn flavour that you won't find anywhere else. Each 35 oz carton contains a special blend of salt, butter and other ingredients that will give your popcorn the perfect taste. Enjoy the delicious taste of your popcorn with this incredible flavour.

This seasoning salt for popcorn features a far better buttery taste than any other brand. BB (Better Butter) Flavacol® #2019 is made using a proprietary process that results in salt with a finer flake, not a crystal. The result is more salt sensation - but with less sodium. Make sure to add this seasoning salt to your popcorn supplies at gourmet popcorn shops, arenas and more! (35 oz. Carton)

    *KOSHER (PAREVE)* gold medal