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GM2619 - Three-In-One Lobby Master®

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The only thing better than a two-in-one wagon is a three-in-one! The Three-in-One Lobby Master® is a merchandising workhorse. This wagon includes a built-in Karmel Kool system and Lexan® sneeze guard, but is also designed to fit a Mark 5 Caramel Corn Cooker Mixer (#2175EL or #2175ER), #2554 16/18oz Macho Pop Value Popper and a #2703 Cheese Tumbler/Coater. Make all kinds of popcorn with this Gold Medal wagon and display it at stadiums, arenas and more! All items sold separately.

Dimensions 120''w x 33.75''d x 66.25''h
Dimensions (cm) 304.8w x 85.725d x 168.275h
Watts 105
Plug NEMA 5-15P
Volts 120