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NAK006 - Naks Pak - 6oz Kettle Portion Size - 36/Case


Why you should choose the original Naks Pak from Poppa Corn?

  • MOVIE THEATER QUALITY TASTE - Superior kernels, extra-fine butter-seasoned salt, and seasoned buttery-flavored oil to assure great taste
  • HIGHER YIELD - Weaver's Naks Pak contains Weaver Gold, the biggest popping popcorn you can buy, and produces the best volume yield in the industry
  • MORE CONVENIENT - You're just one step away from perfect popcorn; just cut open the pouch and dump the contents into the kettle
  • MORE CONSISTENT - Weaver's Naks Pak gives you big, fluffy, delicious kernels time after time, with no measuring
  • NO WASTE! NO MESS! Just great tasting popcorn pop after pop!

Naks Paks - Corn/Coconut Oil Salt Kits for 6oz Kettle.

36 per Case.

Shelf life: 1 year

  • Made with coconut oil.
  • For use in 6 oz popcorn poppers.
  • Butter flavored.
  • Made with a special popcorn

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