Popcorn Wagon - Gm2129U Demo

Popcorn Wagon - GM2129U DEMO

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This is a demo unit. 90 days in house warranty. 

Roll with it - versatile and vintage from the red top to four-wheeled bottom with 20" wheels. The Mobile Popcorn Wagon #2129 sets the stage at special events or any retail location.

Model 2129 Red Popcorn Wagon shown with 20" X 20" Spacer (Item No. 12083) included with unit. Wagon will accommodate a 20 x 28 Popper. Also available in stainless steel #2129ST

Dimensions 56.5''w x 25.625''d x 31.5''h
Dimensions (cm) 143.51w x 65.0875d x 80.01h
Shipping Weight 121 lbs