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PZOAX-X - Pizza Oven

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Round out your concession food offerings with Cretors Pizza Oven and Pizza
Warmer. Constructed of stainless steel inside and out, our cabinets and ovens
are designed for years of durability and easy maintenance. A unique design
includes two round heating elements in the oven that ensure our pies are evenly
heated. No more uneven cooking of cheese and toppings. The digital display and
timer let you set exact cooking temperature settings. A convenient food-grade
cutting board is designed to lift off top of oven for easy cleaning.

Pizza Oven
• Circular coils ensure uniform cooking of pizza
• Removable food-grade cutting board included on top of oven
• Stack the Pizza Warmer on the Pizza Oven to create a Pizza Oven
and Warmer combination
• Stack multiple ovens to increase output