5 Best Bets for Back-to-School Concessions

The Right Concession Equipment to Kickstart Back-to-School Fundraising

It’s that time of year again! Whether you work/volunteer for a high school or university, a new school year is an ideal time to kick off concession food sales. It’s a great way to welcome your students back and generate a profit for what could be your first fundraiser of the semester. Go with the following fun foods and equipment for a successful (and satisfying) start.

School Sports Team Color Popcorn

Make It Pop!

An all-time best-seller, you can’t beat freshly popped popcorn! It’s a hot moneymaker too, with up to 80% profit margins. Plus, if you want to strengthen the appeal even more, try popping it in your team’s colors.
Suggested Equipment: #2552 PopMaxx Value Priced Popper.

Cotton Candy Sweet Possibilities

Sweet Possibilities

Cotton candy is a classic that will keep the crowds coming! It’s easy to make and comes in a wide variety of flavors, so you can customize your menu. Profits are unparalleled and range as high as 94%.
Suggested Equipment: #3052-00-001 Auto Breeze EZ Kleen Head.

Spice it up with Nachos and Salsa

Spice It Up

Nachos are one of the fastest-growing popular snacks! The simple prep makes it a desirable addition to any concession stand. To add value, consider offering salsa and cheese. Profit margins are attractive at 75%, but as a higher retail priced item, you receive a greater return.
Suggested Equipment: #5300 El Nacho Grande Bag Cheese Dispenser.

All-American Favorite Hot Dogs

All-American Favorite

Serve up delicious dogs and watch the sales keep rolling in! See how versatile hot dogs are and increase your profits when you include a chili warmer to make mouthwatering chili dogs.
Suggested Equipment: #8552-00-001 Hot Diggity Pro X Roller Grill Non-Stick Rollers.

Soft Pretzel Warmers

Give It A Twist

For that salty treat you crave, nothing satisfies like soft pretzels! Displayed and heated in convenient warmers and merchandisers, it’s an easy sell. As a sweet alternative, try cinnamon and sugar pretzels with icing cups.
Suggested Equipment: #5550-00 Large Humidified Pretzel Warmer & Merchandiser.

Poppa Corn serves schools of all sizes and we’re happy to help you find the right equipment to suit your unique needs. To speak with one of our concession specialists, contact us today!