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8 Fall Seasonal Sales Ideas

How to Make the Most Out of Your Fall Event  Fall is the time of sweaters, warm drinks, and seasonal activities. If you run a pumpkin farm, corn maze, haunted house, or fall festival, you know the fall season is your time to shine. With all these different seasonal businesses, you need any competitive edge you can get. Here are some fall seasonal sales ideas to help your business come out on top. 1. Creative Menu Excite your customers by having a fun creative menu. You can do this by selling a variety of foods such as cotton candy, popcorn, candy apples, and more. Have fun with your food names! It will add to the experience when you’re offering mummy...

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The Smell of Success

What is the one item on concession stands that (almost) everyone buys when going to see a movie? What do movie theatres, in general, smell like? If you answered, “buttered popcorn,” you’re right. But, why is it that popcorn is the easiest item, and scent, to recall from any movie-going experience? That is no coincidence. That’s scent marketing. Scent marketing is the most provocative way to raise interest in merchandise because the olfactory system is uniquely and intimately connected to the limbic system, where our emotions and motivations are born. The feelings and associations elicited by scents are more immediate and intense than those brought on by anything else, and it takes a while for our brains to rationalize why...

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